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MMA Viewpoint
Listen as fighters and guests discuss their lives in and out of the cage!
Category: Professional
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by MMA Viewpoint
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January 17, 2017 01:16 PM PST

Check us out at www.mmaviewpoint.net!

Topics discussed:

1) Growing up in California – family, siblings, their background in martial arts
2) His wrestling experience
3) Moving to jiu-jitsu, his experience, and competing against Nate Diaz
4) His direction or lack of direction in life at 17
5) Early experience with striking
6) The transition to MMA
7) His amateur fights
8) His parents’ support of his MMA pursuits
9) His mom surviving breast cancer and putting life into perspective for him
10) Going professional
11) His first pro bout
12) His second pro bout
13) His third pro bout
14) Origin of his nickname “The Bomb”
15) His fourth pro bout for the Dragon House lightweight title
16) Moving to Bellator and fighting under the “big lights”
17) His second bout with Bellator and fighting for a Dynamite! show
18) His third Bellator bout with Mario Soto and the “blood squirting” at the end of the fight
19) Getting noticed by Bellator, fans, and the internet
20) The effect of Jordan Parsons’ death on him and fighting on
21) His fifth fight with Bellaor against Brandon Girtz
22) Preparing for fights
23) His sixth Bellator fight against Brent Primus
24) Fighting at lightweight/cutting weight
25) Work outside of fighting
26) His relationship, future family, rescuing dogs, and other interests outside of fighting
27) His level of fandom
28) His future in the sport
29) What he is most proud of

January 08, 2017 10:32 AM PST

Check us out at www.mmaviewpoint.net!

Topics discussed:

1) Overcoming a life-threatening beginning
2) Early life and obstacles
3) MMA destiny
4) Early career direction in life
5) Appeal of becoming a police officer
6) His love of superheroes
7) His introduction to MMA
8) Starting training
9) His first fight and his skill level at the beginning
10) His second pro fight and learning from a loss
11) His parents’/families’ views on his fighting
12) Eventually dropping from lightweight to featherweight
13) Changing training camps and fighting for and winning the Reality Fighting championship
14) Preference of style
15) GFL title win, how it came to be, and not defending it
16) The move to Bellator and his first fight there with Saul Almeida
17) Competing in the Bellator featherweight tournament/getting a contract, and the fight with Daniel Weichel
18) Going from Bellator to CES MMA
19) Winning the CES featherweight title and his greatest MMA achievements
20) Defending his CES title
21) Development of his nickname
22) Making a living/sustaining himself
23) Marriage, kids
24) His future in MMA
25) What he dislikes and loves most about MMA
26) What he is most proud of

January 02, 2017 10:40 AM PST

Check us out at www.mmaviewpoint.net!

Topics discussed:

1) Her family’s fighting background – Hawaiian fighting spirit, her dad’s martial arts experience, and her childhood memories of it
2) Initial interest and involvement in martial arts
3) Early plans for a career outside of martial arts
4) Wrestling in high school
5) Family support of her doing martial arts
6) Working while fighting
7) Her amateur fights – the first fight experience, her thoughts on MMA being brutal
8) Her first pro fight experience, her overall MMA skillbase at that point, and the pay
9) Her second pro fight against Sarah D’Alelio and her mindset about fights being stopped without her consent/not tapping
10) Her third pro fight
11) Her Pro Elite fight with Sara McMann and fighting being who she is
12) Her Invicta FC 2 bout with Amanda Nunes and not watching fights that much
13) 135 as the ideal weight class and her weight cut
14) Her fight with Raquel Pennington and immersing in jiu-jitsu and the culture thereafter
15) Her fight with Kaitlin Young
16) Her fight with Ediane Gomes
17) Her fight with Colleen Schneider – the strange incident before the fight and having to wait for 20 minutes to fight, the outcome of the fight, preparing herself for any situation as a result of the event, and the injury sustained to her eye and being easily brusied
18) Competing in gi and no-gi tournaments
19) Getting married and her husband’s martial arts background
20) How the move to Las Vegas and training with Robert Drysdale and company has changed her and her life
21) Future mother?
22) Fortune of having the life she has – working outside of fighting, interests and life outside of fighting
23) Preparing for a fight and her fight with Pannie Kianzad
24) Fortune of having an overall strong support system
25) People’s reaction and responding to people finding out she is an MMA fighter
26) The turnaround in the way in which fans view female fighters over the years and the way females market themselves vs. the way males market themselves
27) Where she sees herself ten years from now
28) What she is most proud of

December 26, 2016 12:28 PM PST

Check us out at www.mmaviewpoint.net!

Topics Discussed:

1) When martial arts came into his life
2) The turmoil during his youth – getting into trouble, living in foster care and group homes, family background
3) Turning corners in his life from his troubled past – sports, college, joining an MMA gym
4) Taking his fist two and only amateur fights and the overall experience
5) His first two pro bouts and finishing the second one with an inverted triangle choke
6) His next three pro bouts, coming into his own as a grappler
7) Fighting in Dakota Fighting Championships, the fight against Philipe Nover
8) Cutting to 155 from 170
9) His two pro fights prior to fighting in the UFC/fighting at a catchweight and for free
10) Working while fighting
11) The move to the UFC
12) The fight with Rashid Magomedov
13) The fight with Beneil Dariush and concerns of being cut after the fight
14) The fight with Fabricio Camoes and the Brazlian arena environment
15) The fight with Leonardo Santos and circumstances surrounding the fight
16) Injuries preventing a fight
17) The fight with Felipe Olivieri
18) Dealing with another, more serious, injury
19) The fight with Alex White/preparing for an opponent
20) Struggles with money and not being able to fight
21) His marriage and others acceptance of his fighting
22) His future in and out of the cage
23) What he is most proud of

December 23, 2016 08:47 AM PST

Check us out at www.mmaviewpoint.net!

Topics discussed:

1) How and when she started martial arts
2) Life growing up – family, taekwondo as a means of staying out of trouble, competing in taekwondo/kickboxing
3) Initial direction career-wise/college
4) The move to MMA
5) Her first pro bout experience
6) The Hook’N’Shoot one-night tournament experience and winning all three fights, including a KO win over Miesha Tate
7) Her bout with Sara Schneider
8) Fighting Gina Carano and experience with the platform/promotion of Gina/the fight
9) Her bouts with Shanna Nelson and Jennifer Tate and handling losses at that point in her career
10) The duel bouts with Julie Kedzie
11) Her bouts with Lizbeth Correiro and Anna Barone
12) Knowledge of Invicta prior to her first bout with Leslie Smith
13) The fight with Leslie Smith at Invicta 1 and disappointment with a draw versus an exciting fight
14) The decision to walk away from competitive MMA and staying competitive in kickboxing
15) Growth of popularity regarding women in MMA as well as a change in overall perception of female fighters
16) Becoming Invicta matchmaker
17) Outside the cage, the future, and what she is most proud of

December 20, 2016 10:31 AM PST

Check us out at www.mmaviewpoint.net!

Topics discussed:

1) When his initial interest in martial arts developed and why
2) Moving away from martial arts to for other life pursuits before rekindling interest and going into MMA
3) Career choice outside of MMA
4) Life growing up in Illinois before moving to California
5) His parents’ reaction to him pursuing MMA
6) His amateur career, record, and experience level
7) His first pro bout – how becoming pro came about, the pay, and the overall experience of the fight
8) His quick knockouts in his 2nd and 3rd pro bouts
9) His fourth pro bout, going to Team Quest, and the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the fight and his life
10) The move to Bellator and his two wins in the organization
11) Moving to WSOF, the fight with Matt Church, and his status as a free agent and undefeated fighter
12) 155 as an ideal weight class and his frustration at those not making weight
13) The importance of Team Quest, Dan Henderson, and his coaches in his career
14) Being a fan of the sport, as well as being a Christian fighter
15) Always being involved with martial arts
16) What he is most proud of

December 05, 2016 02:09 PM PST

Check us out at www.mmaviewpoint.net!

Topics discussed:

1) Life as a kid living on a farm
2) First introduction to martial arts and initial direction in life
3) Leaving college/change of direction in life/becoming a mom
4) Moving into kickboxing and her kids’ thoughts/experience with her kickboxing
5) Her first kickboxing match experience
6) Her lone kickboxing loss
7) Winning a kickboxing title in Thailand
8) The move to MMA
9) Her amateur fight experience
10) Her first pro bout with Ronda Rousey
11) Losing her 2nd pro bout and her mindframe going forward
12) Her 3rd pro bout and the close split decision
13) Winning via submission after having been a striker for years
14) The move to Invicta FC and her first fight there with Julia Budd
15) Rematching with the opponent who beat her in her 2nd pro bout
16) Her 2nd Invicta FC fight
17) The Invicta FC title fight with Cris “Cyborg” Justino
18) A third rematch/trilogy fight with Anna Barone and another fight in Prestige FC
19) Her Invicta FC bout with Latoya Walker
20) Women’s side of the sport’s popularity and growth
21) Her nickname
22) Interests/life outside of fighting
23) The future
24) What she is most proud of

December 01, 2016 01:32 PM PST

Check us out at www.mmaviewpoint.net

Topics discussed:

1) Early endeavors in life
2) Growing up in Indiana
3) College and changing gears to go into MMA
4) Her first fight, fight availability, family support
5) Her amateur record, going pro
6) TUF 20 Tryout
7) Her fights thereafter in BAMMA
8) Preference regarding how her fights are finished
9) Nickname origins
10) Training at Team Quest
11) TUF 24 – getting in/trying out, the fights with Jodie Esquibel and Kate Jackson, her time in the house
12) The move to Invicta FC, the fight with Amber Brown
13) Preparation for a fight
14) Getting the UFC call on short notice
15) Life/loves outside the cage and the future
16) Who has inspired her in MMA
17) What she is most proud of and what motivates her each day

November 27, 2016 10:41 AM PST

Check us out at www.mmaviewpoint.net!

Topics discussed:

1) Growing up with multiple brothers, his heritage
2) Introduction to wrestling
3) Going to college on a wrestling scholarship
4) Having his first MMA fight in college while wrestling
5) His experience with wrestling, Jon Jones, and Colby Covington during college
6) Dropping out of school, focusing on MMA
7) Signing with Bellator, winning the featherweight title
8) Significance of getting a unique finish
9) His fights in between defending Bellator title
10) Dealing with first losses
11) Coming back, going on a six-fight win streak, and winning the Tachi Palace Fights bantamweight title
12) Getting the UFC call, fighting for the UFC bantamweight title on a day’s notice, training with TJ Dillashaw previously
13) 1st fight nerves compared to UFC debut/fight nerves
14) The fight with Michinora Tanaka and the controversial decision
15) The fight with Chris Beal
16) His varying stoppages on his resume
17) Competing outside MMA
18) His own gym, family
19) His future in and out of the cage
20) What he is most proud of

November 22, 2016 01:23 PM PST

Check us out at www.mmaviewpoint.net!

Topics discussed:

1) Smiling as a kid, his upbringing, and original direction in life
2) First time he saw MMA and what he thought of it
3) His first experience with MMA
4) His amateur fights/experiences
5) Going pro
6) Joining Team Quest
7) Meeting his wife, working outside of training
8) His KOTC fight that became a no contest due to rain
9) His favorite early fight and its meaning to him
10) Handling a loss
11) Signing with and fighting for Bellator
12) Trying out for TUF and the experience therein
13) His MCF fights and winning the title
14) Signing with the UFC, the initial experience and first UFC fight
15) His fight experience in Brazil against Cezar Ferreira
16) His fight with Dan Kelley and fighting friends
17) The ritual of shaving the smiley face into the back of his head
18) The loss to Derrick Brunson
19) The fight with Elias Theodorou and having a bad fight
20) The Eric Spicely fight and preferring KOs over winning in other ways
21) Previous wrestling experience
22) The Alex Nicholson fight and the effects of fighting at altitude
23) The influence of Dan Henderson on his career
24) His entrance music
25) Family, having kids while fighting, his family’s thoughts on his fighting
26) What motivates him to fight, people talking trash vs. those who support him
27) Future with his family, the sport
28) What he is most proud of

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